Medical Health Neighborhood

What is the Medical-Health Neighborhood (MHN)?

The Medical-Health Neighborhood is a partnership between a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and other professionals in the community to work together as a team to provide the best of care for their patients and clients. These professionals are committed to understanding and responding to a person’s TOTAL health needs in a coordinated and collaborative fashion. These organizations are actively working together to help people achieve and maintain their best health.

The Medical-Health Neighborhood serving this community includes all types of medical and social support organizations, such as: behavioral health specialists, hospital care, community supports, pharmacy services, nutrition services, oral healthcare, medical specialists, and those providing activities that help keep people healthy and prevent disease.

Why a Medical-Health Neighborhood Matters

A Medical-Health Neighborhood goes beyond just a referral network. It is a highly coordinated and organized element of a healthy community, (also referred to as population health). The fundamental premise of population health is changing behavior and moving toward better health outcomes for populations. The broader impact of the Medical-Health Neighborhood is to bridge the relationship between the individual, clinical, provider-level responses to the broader, population health community-wide response.