Mission: To organize healthcare stakeholders by providing a structured forum for sharing valuable knowledge, finding common solutions, and identifying resources to meet the quadruple aim: improved health outcomes, improved quality and patient experience of care, lower costs of care in the region, and improved health care provider experience.

Regional Collaboratives (RC’s) have convened throughout all seven Public Health Districts to support the Statewide Healthcare Innovation Plan (SHIP). RC’s are co-chaired by two local physicians and the local Public Health District Directors.

The Central Health Collaborative (CHC) is comprised of leaders and community stakeholders with the goals of supporting Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) transformation efforts, developing and integrating medical health neighborhoods to improve coordination, supporting population health initiatives, communicating and advocating SHIP efforts, and building a sustainable collaborative for long-term support of patient-centered care. The CHC has direct input to the Idaho Healthcare Coalition (IHC) through the Public Health District (PHD) directors and RC collaborative chairs so regional and local concerns can be raised at the state level.

In the management of RCs, Idaho’s PHDs will lead integration of public health and population management into the model, and will bring an intimate familiarity with local healthcare resources to developing the medical neighborhood. Communities will participate in community needs assessments and will work with the RCs to align specific performance metrics for the PCMHs in their region with identified areas of need.

Executive Leadership Team



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